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John Fletcher.  b.  Glasgow 27.03.1949

Retired. I live on my own in Extremadura, a province in the middle of Spain next to Portugal. My house is in a village, inside a fortress, perched on a hill and it forms part of the bullring

This blog says more about me than an “about me” page could.  Although it is very much a “first person” blog my hope is that it is much less about me and much more about the divine in you, the goodness of humanity and the infinite possibilities Love opens up to us all.

As a Catholic from birth I stick with what I know best to help me on my journey to “God” whom I sometimes label “God ?”.  I do this in spite of my sorrow at how much the Catholic Church establishment has seen itself as God and not as servant to God, God’s creation and all people(s).

My overwhelming evidence of God’s presence in my life is based on “spiritual” experience and this experience is as real as anything else I have known. At best this presence of God is so fantastic it’s all I want, absolutely nothing else. Most of the time this acute and acutely wonderful sense of God’s presence is out of focus. Prayer, reading and above all loving, in all the everyday senses of the word, remind me of  Him/Her, helping me to see better.  My blog is about this journey towards God.

Each of us in on a pilgrimage which  involves taking millions of little steps, pixel by pixel, from opaqueness to transparency, from darkness to light so that we may all light up this world which is darkened by exploitation, greed and blindness.  If there is one thing of which I am certain it is that it is not in our human power to convert darkness into light although, throughout human history, man has believed he can.  Playing at being God, even when we think it is for the good of others, and I have done plenty of that in my life, never brings satisfaction or success and never has done. Trusting in God, in whatever way we can find, and letting go of self allows the divine light in us to shine through our opacity, our arrogance and our insecurity.  This complete trust in God leads to a place where “satisfaction and success” lose all meaning and so does the word “I”.  This transformation is what pilgrimage is about and what this blog is about.

It is about letting God be God in you and in me.

The Way.

The Way.